What is Magewares?

Magewares' Past

Magewares was a third-party forum created in 2004 for the game Abandoned Realms (AR) where players could submit posts and logs of in-game events.

It was shut down in 2006.

The Magewares Project

Magewares is now the world's first live streaming service for MUDs. Magewares is the brain child of Marsd in collaboration with Davairus, the game's current owner, lead administrator and developer — it is an experimental project developed in June 2014 to help MUDs catch up to current internet technology advancements.

By embedding Magewares' live stream into Abandoned Realms' home page, we want to capture any potential players' attentions. Together with past events scroll-back, we hope to entice players both new and old to join in the fun of playing AR by being able to observe in real-time player duels, cabal warfare, roleplaying, poker tournaments as well as any other future player or Immortal-run events.


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